Driving Adventures 2019 Tour Calendar


18 – 22  February                Melbourne – Sydney


8 – 10 April                           Snowy Mountains


4 – 17 May                              U.K. Tour (Scotland, Wales, England)


29 – 31 July                             Tablelands Tour


19 August – 1 September   USA Tour ( Pebble Beach – Pike’s Peak)


9 – 28  September              European Tour


21 – 23 October                      South Coast NSW Tour


9 – 17  November                Tasmanian Tour





Driving Adventures is all about having a good time. Nice cars, good friends, brilliant roads in some of the most beautiful locations on earth in company with like-minded adventurers. Each tour represents the highest standards of organisation, first-rate hotels and exquisite dining. There are even road books, detailing the exact route as well as an experienced guide to smooth the way and ensure that each guest has the best experience possible.


These are events organised as rallies, but without the restrictions and limitations of a competition event. There is no competition timing. Guests are given detailed road books that explain the correct route as well as a short history of the areas travelled. Roads are selected for the driving enjoyment. Unlike competition events, guests are free to set their own agenda for the day. They can choose between a sleep-in and a leisurely breakfast or an early start with stops along the way to more closely inspect the local colour or they could hurry to their destination for a swim or spa before dinner with the group.


Driving Adventures principal, David Thomas has been passionate about driving since he was old enough to hold a steering wheel. He has driven from London to Sydney, through the Andes and much of South and Central America, across deserts and deep into rain-forests. He has won rally stages in the Himalayas. Raced successfully at Bathurst and taught thousands of people advanced driving skills through his own school and as head of the NSW Police Driver Training School. He has driven in movies and videos and has been organising and conducting tours since 1990. If anyone can show you how to have a good time in it is David.




The most asked question in relation to our tours is “what will we drive?” There is no short answer and each tour has it’s own possibilities. New Zealand is probably the toughest to organise something interesting however we have tapped into a number of MX-5s for hire as well as BMWs and Minis. For all other tours our good friends at DriveAway Holidays & Renault Eurodrive offer a variety of models for most tastes. The USA is some was the easiest with just about anything you care to mention available somewhere in Los Angeles. Mustangs, Corvettes etc are relatively cheap and readily available. However, if you fancy a 911 or an Italian Exotic, they can all be had for a price.


In Europe and the UK we can take advantage of DriveAway’s leasing program where you can order a brand new model of your choice, registered and insured in your name, at very reasonable rates. Best of all Drive Away are offering a 10% discount if you order your car through Driving Adventures. If you after something more exotic DriveAway also can tap into a range of British Exotics.


Another option you might consider is to buy a vehicle in the UK. In the past we have help organise a Ferrari a couple of Maseratis, a couple of Porsches and a M3 through our contact in the UK.


No matter Which tour or what your driving preferences we will find a car that suits. Just call to discuss.




Contact Details;


David Thomas

Driving Adventures Pty Ltd

30 Brinawa Street

Mona Vale  2103

0418 473 916