Thursday 14 June – Day 5

Borgo Scopeto – Portofino

A Real Driving Adventure

Our Fleet
La Spezia from our lunch spot
Cinque Terre
Today started with a photo shoot of all the cars in front of reception at Borgo Scopeto. Our art director Jane arranged the cars just the way she wanted them only to find that we were a car short. Sandro was washing his. The drive was brilliant. A transport stage out to Sam Gimignano then into the hills for some very special stages. We had lunch just out La Spezia in a restaurant overlooking the bay before driving through Cinque Terre. This really turned into an adventure as the main (tight and twisty) road had been swept away in a flood and the by-pass had us crawl down a one lane track to the base of the mountain then up the otherside. Oncoming traffic met backing and filling until you could squeeze past. A REAL driving adventure. The last stage saw us wind through the narrow roads leading to Portofino and the Hotel Splendido. A great place to get spoilt.

Cinque Terre Mono Rail – The only way to some of the villages.
Dinner tonight was at a sister hotel on the quay-side. We had an outside table overlooking the harbour for our 6 course meal just superb.