I have been doing a small survey getting opinions from those who have done our tours. I thought I would share David Madden’s views on his European Tour. Thanks David, I almost blushed.

The Driveway - Borgo Scopeto

1. How would you rate the Driving Adventures Tours you have attended, on a scale of 1 -10 with 10 being as good as it gets?
12….yes its more than 10 but i was never really that good at maths!! But the trip was that good.
2. Why did you give that score?
Where do i start……
The roads…..superb
The food…..delicious
The accommodation…..luxurious
The museums…..inspiring
The organisation…..excellent
The conversation…..entertaining
The scenery…..unforgettable
The experience…..once in a lifetime!!

To top it all off i was lucky enough to go to the Goodwood Revival before the tour kicked off. Yes the weather was typical of South East England but the atmosphere more than made up for the cloudy skies. I was able to see cars that i have only read about being driven quite literally like they where stolen but as i imagine they where driven in their time. Think Ferrari 250 GTO’s and Fords conic GT40. 
This really set the scene for what was an amazing experience over the next 3 weeks.

Would i do it all again. No question….YES. Now to work on convincing the better half that this is the only way to travel Europe. Shouldn’t be so hard….just bring out the photo album.
Thanks to Dave Thomas and Maryann of driving adventures for the best Eurotrip ever!


winding road at The Grossglockner

The Grossglockne

cobblestone street in Belgium