Day 6. Paris – Martigny

French Countryside
We spent until 3pm at Stalllergenes with Mez meeting with the French Connection, very interesting and really nice to meet Laure who works so closely with Mez from half a world away. Not to long to relax however as we still had a lot of the tour to check. So 3pm we headed south-east towards Martigny in Switzerland. Most of it was pretty cruisey but Driving in Switzerland can be hard work. There seems to be a lot of Volvo drivers in Switzerland who all try and out-do each other in being the worlds most notorious Volvo driver. We eventually made it into Martigny at 9pm. The hotel is a training hotel for Accor hotels. Everyone looks great but seem to make the most basic requests seem really hard. I guess they haven’t completed the training yet.

Lake Geneva
Day 7. Martigny – Maranello

The Furka
Furka on Sat Nav
Today was an excuse to drive more favourite road in the world the Furka Pass. It was everything I remember except with extra snow. It turned out to be a great idea to check it as we found a mistake in the road-book that would have been a disaster if not picked up. After a few correction we made it into St Mortiz to check the hotel. A great place in a nice location and very helpful staff, what more could you want. For some reason it seemed like a good idea to push on to Maranello. Only another 4 hours driving. We got in again at 9pm, a habit we have to stop. Founds a great place for dinner and had a good laugh at the locals arguing and laughing so loudly. We even managed to book a table for Sunday night for 17 with a view of the TV so we can watch the F1. And best of all it is warm here. It was 8 when we left Switzerland and 25 in Maranello. I like Italy!