Day 9 –  San Gimigano and rallies

The Town Square
Today was supposed to be a day off but we had to rewrite the road book note to San Gimigano a Medival walled city 50 km from the hotel. The re write was straight forward so we took the opportunity to wander the streets for an hour or so. What a wonderful place, it is over run by tourists and is geared up to sell you anything you might or might not want but there are still plenty of quiet hidden corners to discover and the vibe in the town centre is infectious. We took lots of pics before heading back to the hotel and sitting down to type the 20 page document with all the re-writes in for the tour group.

3 wheel transport


Afterwards there was time for a wander around the grounds of this lovely hotel, set on a hilltop out of Siena it beautiful and relaxing. A place to come back to as often as possible.

Tuscan Transport
We met Mez’s sailing mate Alessandra for drinks and she took us to the family winery Caparzo, about 40 mins away where we were invited to dinner for the participants in the Tuscan rewind Rally. Drinks were on the lawn looking over the Tuscan hills as the sun set, impressive then we did a tour of the winery, really impressive and then into dinner, wow. We met a lot of interesting characters who will be drive pre 1992 cars on gravel stages around Caparzo. They also allow interesting cars up to 1996 so the car park was full of Group 4 Escorts, Intergales, Lancia Rallyes, Arbath 131’s all sorts of good things.

It must have been a good night as we didn’t get back to the hotel until 1am.

Day 10 The Tuscan Rewind Rally and back to Maranello

Ex works safari car
Our dinner mates
Rare and beautiful Lancia 037
Another sparkling day in Tuscany. We booked out of the hotel and headed back to Caparzo to see our new friends in action on a special stage of the rally. There was an amazing array of cars most presented like new and  driven pretty hard. After the cars went through we headed back to Maranello and booked into the hotel where we will meet the tour group tomorrow. I think everything is ready.