Monday 11 June – Day 2

Enzo Day

Museum Car Park
The Group
What a great day. We started slowly as most had chore to do, laundry, GPS shopping a couple of car fixes etc but by 11am we walked up to the Ferrari Museum, just around the corner from the hotel. Great fun with a huge display of cars from F1 to 458’s and a smattering of older models. We broke for a lunch break then drove into Modena, a surprisingly large and pretty city, where we visited the new Enzo Ferrari Museum. This place is fantastic and a must for any petrol head. The displays a beautiful as well as informative and the car space is amazing. Clean, uncluttered with some amazing machine, everyone thought it the best motoring museum any of us had ever visited.

Chris in Enzo’s Chair
We arrived back in Maranello around 6pm for a session on the road book enhancements before heading across the street to the Cavalino Restaurant, where Enzo Ferrari ate most days. The place is stuffed with Ferrari memorabilia, the food and wine excellent and best of all after dinner we had a look at Enzo’s private dining room, posed for pictures and had a great time.

Tomorrow we hit the road for our first drive.