Tuesday 12 June – Day 3

The first road day.

Maranello – Borgo Scopeto.

Some of our fleet at lunch
Borgo Scopeto – Beautiful
Roof Top View
We finally hit the road and we managed it in style. A warn sunny morning in Maranello as we headed into the Apennine Mountains for some brilliant roads. As we climbed the wind picked up and the clouds darkened as the temperature dropped. We got down to 12 at one stage a far cry from the 30’s of the last few days. We came across a few wet roads but managed to miss the showers. The Peter’s set the pace taking off a few minutes before the rest of us in their beautiful 360. With Gary and Janine last away. We took our time and enjoyed a few stops for pictures as well as coffee. Brenton and Jane topped us all by falling in with a couple of strangers for what turned out to be a long lunch. The rest of  us all managed to arrive at the hotel about the same time and in keeping with the spirit of the tour headed to the bar to swap stories of the drive down.

Wine Tasting
Conversations in Dark Corners
The hotel invited us to a wine tasting in their cellar before dinner, it was stunning setting with some great wines, just we needed heading into dinner. The hotel, Borgo Scopeto is based around a 1,000 year old tower with all the buildings set in the same style. A beautiful place and the staff really know how to spoil you. It is getting rave reviews from the entire group.