Day 5. Stavelot – Paris

Well that was a day and a half. 900 km in 14 hours.

We started well by visiting  Spa while everyone was setting up for a track day. Some unbelievable machinery. 935 Porsches, Le Mans Corvettes, RSR Porsches and every make of exotic you can think. We couldn’t stay as we had to write the road-book for day 16. I don’t think I could travel any distance by checking with google maps. Nothing worked. We ended up scraping the planed route and developing a new one on the fly. All was starting to fit nicely until we were within a couple of Km’s from the Nurburgring. There had been a 3 day concert there over the weekend and all roads were closed as they tried to move the crowds out. Unfortunately  this meant that the route chart was incomplete and we were forced to sit in a traffic jam for an hour. Great fun.

Once clear of the traffic we headed to Ypres to plot day 16, all went well except for another hour sitting in traffic around Brussels and then a vital road 100 metres from the hotel was closed with no easy way around. Guess I will have to wing the final couple of turns in the route chart.

To complete a big day we then turned around and drove to Paris so Mez can get a few things done in the morning.

An easier day tomorrow is planned. Sorry about the lack of pics today but the lap top just doesn’t want to know about it.