7 December 2015

The next Track Day is set for Monday 7 December. These days are very popular so book early and invite a few friends.

The Timetable

8:00 am Office open – If it is your 1st time please arrive early to ensure all the paperwork and licences are in place for 9am.
8:15 am Cafe open – Coffee and Egg & Bacon rolls
8:50 am Drivers Briefing
9:00 am Track Open – I will commence with a convoy of cars. I will lead to show the correct line, everyone who wants to can have a lap behind me before shuffling to the back of the line.
9:30 am  Track Open to all.
12:30 pm  Lunch – Track Closed
1:15 pm  Track Open
4:00 pm  Track closed for the day.

The Rules

I have been running these days since 1999 with only one incident, thanks to a few simple rules and the good sense of drivers.

  • It is not a race day. There are no prizes or times. The day is an opportunity for you to enjoy your car and mix with others.
  • If you are slower than another car, Wave them past.
  • Do not try and out-brake others into corners.
  • Only overtake where it is safe, preferably on the straights.
  • When leaving the pits keep well to the left until the 1st corner.
  • If you spin or leave the bitumen, return to the pits, check your car and clear your head.

You will need to sign on at the office prior to being allowed on the circuit. The office will also sell you a 12 month Wakefield Licence that is part of the circuit’s insurance.

Dress Regulations

You will need a Helmet, if you do not own one, they are available for hire at the circuit. You do not need any special clothing however you must be covered from neck to wrist and to ankle with non-flammable clothing, wool, cotton and natural fibres are OK but keep away from the synthetics. You will also need to wear proper shoes. Sandals and thongs are not allowed.

The Suggestions

While the track is open to you all day and there are no restrictions or sessions to limit you, try and drive 5 lap stints. This will keep you tyres and brakes at reasonable temperatures and prevent excessive wear.

  • Inflate tyre to the high speed pressures suggested on your tyre placard.
  • Empty the car of everything you don’t need. Loose items are distracting and can be dangerous.
  • Start the day trying to be a smooth as possible. Speed will build naturally.
  • If you are inconsistent with you lines and apexes, slow down a little until you can be consistently on line.
  • Talk to others, there is a wealth of knowledge sitting in the pits.

The Directions

The best way to the circuit is to take the 2nd (southern) Goulburn exit off the freeway.

  1. At the round-a-bout at the top of the ramp turn left. (if you require fuel 98 octane is available at the Mobil 200 metres to the right)
  2. In 50 metres you turn left at the T intersection.
  3. You then travel alongside the freeway until the next T intersection where you turn right.
  4. In 200 metres the road goes left and under the rail line before coming to another T intersection where you turn right once again.
  5. Wakefield Park is on your left in 7.5 km.

2015 Dates

The dates in 2015 are listed below

  • 7 December

The Next Step

Send me an email letting me know the names of those coming for the day and what they will be driving.

Then transfer $350 into my Driving Adventures Westpac account BSB: 032196, ACC:  338017

You can also book and pay online, just click on the dates list above.

Any questions or suggestions, give me a call,

David Thomas
0418 473 916